Club No. 23843, Charter Date: 17 June 1986
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RCBM (Rotary Club of Baroda Metro)
The journey of Rotary Club of Baroda Metro (RCBM) started as Rotary Club of Jawaharnagar West in the year 1986 and was renamed RCBM in the year 1998. From its inception RCBM has been a prime mover in creating difference making models in the community and vocational service domains. First five years were devoted towards consolidation of the club. It was also decided that District Events will be attended by at least 40 - 50% members of the club to enable hosting of such events on the home ground. RCBM has hosted more than 19 events of which first 12 events were hosted in the first 12 years.

PPI -Yet another aspect of service to humanity was added in a big way from 1995 onwards by the launch of Polio Pulse Immunization in Vadodara with 900 volunteers. This happened to be one of the three successful models to convince Government of India to start Pulse Polio Immunization all over the country. This was followed by Project Saraswati which was targeted towards educating the children in the slums. People from the teaching profession rendered honorary services to enlighten the "children of the lesser God".
Polio Corrective Surgery Project
started since inception and is a regular feature of RCBM even today enabled more than 3200+ beneficiaries to walk better and earn their livelihood. Surgeons/Anesthetists with expertise in this area have rendered and are still offering free operative services for the patients. Around the same time a dream project of RCBM to cater to a cluster of villages for Vocational Rehabilitation & Intensive Care for Protein Calorie Malnutrited children was turned into reality. Many children of the rural areas in the outskirts of Vadodara have benefited from this project.
a unique long term project for poverty alleviation in Chhota Udepur was successfully implemented by RCBM. This provided an excellent opportunity to the tribals for getting loans at concessional rates of interest. This helped prevent their exploitation at the hands of private money-lenders.
Borewells and Handpumps
were installed in the late 90's relieved the rural women folk from walking couple of miles everyday to fetch water. One more emblazon on RCBM's coat was a project targeting restoration of full vision by performing cataract operations. Surgeons with expertise in Intra-ocular Lens Implantation operated the affected patients on honorary basis. Hundreds of people were benefited by this project.
Aastha and Nishtha
A devastating earthquake ripped off the lives of people of Bhuj in 2001. RCBM was one of the five clubs which came to the rescue with the Aastha and Nishtha projects. Complete relocation and reconstruction of two earthquake affected villages Nanimatli and Dhutarpar each was successfully completed in one year. Total 413 houses were reconstructed. Chairman Manoj also steered 3rd village at Metoda township, Rajkot with TRF funding with RC Rajkot MT.
dedicated for the differently abled people was introduced. Poorest of the poor people were provided artificial limbs, calipers, crutches and wheel chairs free of charge at regularly organized camps. Thousands of people have taken benefit of this initiative of RCBM.
Project Drashti
a recent unique initiative for the children of Municipal Primary Schools of Vadodara. The students with defective eyesight are given free spectacles. There is also a provision to perform operations at no cost for the children with eye defects. This is an on-going project under the RCBM umbrella and is certainly going to make a difference in the lives of the school children.
Green Drive
In addition to above RCBM strongly believes in the green drive and regularly organizes tree plantation camps. RCBM actively participates and successfully implements Club and District designated service projects viz; Thalassemia, School benches, Black boards, Raincoats and Sweaters etc.
4 Way Test at its Best
RCBM in every sense addresses the 4-way test by translating dreams into reality (TRUTH), providing transparency in its services (FAIR), promoting GOODWILL in the society through its unique well designed projects and creating tons of BENEFICIARIES.
The Four-Way Test Of the things we think, say or do
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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